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Premier Parafoils

Premier Parafoil 5 Kite

Single line parafoil kites are durable, easy to fly and great for all ages. These foils from Premier Kites have no spars so there is no assembly required to fly them. Just attach the line to the kite, let the wind fill the cells, and up they go. At the end of the day they can be stuffed into a very small easy to carry package.

The smaller parafoils (parafoil 2, & 5) are perfect for young kids, while the larger parafoils (parafoil 7.5 & 60) are capable of generating a tremendous amount of pull and lifting power and can carry windsocks and other line laundry into the air. The parafoil 7.5 is also a very popular choice for use as a kayak kite.

The Parafoil 2, 5, and 7.5 kites come ready to fly and include flying line and winder. Flying line and winder sold separately for the Parafoil 60, 320# braided Dacron line is recommended.

Premier Parafoil Specifications

ModelWind RangeDimensionsSail FabricPackagingIncluded LineSkill Level
Parafoil 26 to 20 mph
10 to 32 kph
13″ x 21″
33 x 53 cm
Ripstop NylonNylon Case20# x 500′Beginner to Advanced
Parafoil 56 to 20 mph
10 to 32 kph
20″ x 32″
51 x 81 cm
Ripstop NylonNylon Case50# x 500′Beginner to Advanced
Parafoil 7.56 to 20 mph
10 to 32 kph
28″ x 38″
71 x 97 cm
Ripstop NylonNylon Case90# x 500′Beginner to Advanced
Parafoil 606 to 20 mph
10 to 32 kph
100″ x 85″
254 x 216 cm
Ripstop NylonStuff Sack & Drogue ChuteSold SeparatelyIntermediate to Advanced

Premier Parafoil Photos

Premier Parafoil 60

Premier Parafoil 60