Kite Flying Instruction & How To Guides

Customize your kites and equip yourself with high quality kite bags, books, magazines, videos, kite making and repair materials, lines, straps, handles, winders and all the gear!

Stunt Kite Flying How to Guide for Beginners

Stunt Kites

Learn the basics of flying a stunt kite, from set up to first flight and even some of the basics tricks.

Stunt Kite Trick How to Videos

Stunt Kite Trick Videos

Video clips taken from the Prism Freestyle Pilot DVD that demonstrate how to perform some of the most popular stunt kite tricks.

Power Kite Guide for Beginners

Power Kite Flying Guide

The basics of flying a power kite, from picking your first power kite, to the basics of set up, launch, first flight and landing.

Single Line Kite Flying How to Guide

Single Line Kite

This guide covers the different types and shapes of single line kites, wind conditions, flying fields, kite line and different types of accessories you can add to your kite.

Flying the Revolution

Revolution Kites

Tips and hints for learning how to fly and control the unique four line kites by Revolution.

Fighter Kite Flying How to Guide

Fighter Kites

Discover the nuances of flying fighter kites. From construction to proper flying line through launching and controlling these unique single line kites.

Kite Buggy How to Guide

Kite Buggy

A kite buggy can travel up to 50 mph in the right wind and with the proper kite. The buggy guide encompasses buggy design, places to buggy, buggy engines (the power kite) and how to ride.

Kite Aerial Photography How to Guide

Kite Aerial Photography

Use a kite to lift your camera in the sky and get some amazing photographs. This guide covers the basic equipment you will need and some tips on how to get the best shots.

Best Places to Go Fly a Kite

Kite Flying

Looking for a good place to fly your kite? This guide will give you an idea of what to look for in a good flying field. You will also find a list of some of the top flying spots in the country.

Kite Flying with Kids

Kite Flying with Kids

A selection of different types of kites that are suitable for children, plus general tips on kite flying, line laundry, safety, and having fun with your child on the flying field.

Kite Winder Tips

Kite Winder

The proper techniques and tricks to easily reel in your kite line using your kite winder.

Kite Chi

In our overly stimulated visual world, Kite Chi is a technique that teaches you how to fly a kite using all your senses.