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Manta Landsailers

The single-seat WinJammer landsailer and the two-place TwinJammer landsailer are the land yachts that revolutionized landsailing. These wind powered vehicles use the materials and design concepts of ultra-light gliders, Manta has created landsailers so light, yet so rugged and potent. They give high performance landsailing on any hard, flat surface - your local parking lot, beach, dry lake bed, or field. Using the natural free energy of the wind, you can accelerate quickly to over twice the speed of the wind! The current landsailing speed record is 126.1 mph, set March 27th 2009 on the Ivanpah dry lake bed 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas.

Ladsailing with a Manta

The Manta can be set up for landsailing action in 5 minutes. The ultra-lightness is revolutionary because it permits exciting operation even in small areas. The WinJammer weighs just 70 lbs, with a fully battened sail of 45 sq/ft and a turning radius under 6 feet. The TwinJammer weighs 105 lbs, carries 59 sq/ft of sail and has a turning radius of 8.5 feet. The incredible acceleration and maneuverability let them make the most of any site.

For more information on the sport of landsailing please visit the North American Land Sailing Association and check out the article on landsailing and kite buggies in the Las Vegas View. For more pictures please visit our Landsailing Picture Gallery. Need TwinJammer parts or WinJammer parts for your Manta Landsailer? We can get them for you.


Manta landsailers come complete. The only upgrades are a reinforced rear axle, a hex ratchet block and bracket. These upgrades are strongly recommended.

Manta Landsailer Specifications

ModelTop SpeedTurning RadiusSail AreaLengthWheel BaseAxle WidthChassis & Wheel WeightMast, Boom & Sail Weight
WinJammer60 mph6′45 Square Feet10′6′5.3′55 Pounds15 Pounds
TwinJammer75 mph8.5′59 Square Feet12.2′8.6′7.2′85 Pounds20 Pounds

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Manta Landsailer

Manta TwinJammer Two Seater

Manta WinJammer

Manta WinJammer Single Seat

Manta TwinJammer Landsailer Landsailing on Two Wheels Pilots View from a Manta Landsailer

Pilot's View from a Landsailer.

Manta Landsailers Racing Manta Landsailing Manta Landsailer Race Cruising on the Playa with a Manta Landsailer Manta TwinJammer and WinJammer Landsailers

Manta TwinJammer (Left) and WinJammer (Right)

Landsailing on a dry lake bed