Power Kites

Power Kiting

Power kites, also known as traction kites, are designed to be the engine that can propel a kite buggy to speeds reaching 3 or 4 times wind speed, a mountainboard across wide open terrain, or a skier through a snowy mountain majesty.

Fixed-bridle quad-line foil kites are used with kite buggies, boards and skis on all terrain except water. They are the least expensive of the power kite options, have the widest performance potential and are even fun to fly in the park.

Learning basic sport kite skills first is recommended before jumping into power kiting. If you’ve never flown, or have little experience with a two or four line kite please visit out our power kite beginners guide with tips on choosing the right kite and featuring a selection of what we feel are the best kites for the novice flyer.

Flexifoil Kites

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