Stunt Kites

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Stunt KiteStunt kites, also known as sport kites, offer the pilot the ability to steer the kite and perform tricks. Two lines (at a fixed length) control the kite, similar to steering a bicycle. The two flying lines are connected to handles or straps on one end and connected to the bridle of the kite on the opposite end of the line. You control the kite by pulling in one line to make it turn in that direction, if you pull the right hand line the kite will turn to the right. Sport kites are easy to learn how to fly but tough to master.

Beginner Stunt Kites

Beginner stunt kites are easy to fly, stable, rugged and forgiving enough to handle to handle crashes as you learn to fly your kite. Despite being designed for beginners these starter kites are very acrobatic and you can learn to perform many popular tricks with them.

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Freestyle Stunt Kites

Freestyle stunt kites are the most acrobatic of all sport kites, and are designed to do all of the radical tricks in the book (540 flat spins, axels, back flips, stalls, ground effects, etc). Freestyle kites are a good choice for flyers of all skill levels who like to challenge themselves.

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Ballet Stunt Kites

Ballet stunt kites are the most versatile of all sport kites on the market. Designed for competition these full sized kites are agile, acrobatic, steady, and precise. Though competition worthy stunt kites are generally more expensive, their versatility makes them a good choice for serious flyers who want to do everything with just one kite.

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Indoor and Low Wind Stunt Kites

Sophisticated in design, shape, materials, and performance, just walking backward with an ultralight kite in a still room or on a windless day creates enough airflow to allow the kite to glide over and fly around you. Indoor and low wind stunt kite flying is a graceful, fluid dance in which kite and pilot are partners in a whole new repertoire of maneuvers.

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Dual Line Parafoil Kites

Dual line parafoil kites perform just like a two line stunt kite with one difference "The Pull". What to expect from a dual line parafoil? Well besides a whole lot of fun, you get a virtually unbreakable dual line power kite! If you like speed and the raw power of kites, two line foils are what you are looking for.

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