Riding a Mountainboard

Mountainboards are an off road skate board with pneumatic tires, foot straps, and adjustable suspension for better ride and handling performance. Mountainboards are used for downhill racing, boardercross events, freestyle trick riding, freeriding and kite groundboarding. In kite groundboarding a power kite is used to provide the energy to perform tricks and jumps, as well as, ride in parks, cross-country, on a dry lake bed or anywhere there is room to fly.

Mountainboards and Kite Groundboards

MBS Atom 80X Mountainboard
MBS Atom 80X
Junior Recreational Board
MBS Atom 95X Mountainboard
MBS Atom 95X
Recrational All-Around
MBS Comp 90 Mountainboard
MBS Comp 90
Expert All-Around / Freestyle / Kite
MBS Comp 95 Mountainboard
MBS Comp 95
Expert All-Around / Freestyle
MBS Comp 95X Mountainboard
MBS Comp 95X
Expert Freeride
MBS Core 90 Mountainboard
MBS Core 90
Advanced All-Around / Freestyle / Kite
MBS Core 95 Mountainboard
MBS Core 95
Expert All-Around / Freestyle