Kite Flying Line

The basic accessories for flying a kite are the lines, straps or handles, and a winder to wind all the line. WindPower Sports carries several different types of kite line high quality Spectra line for dual and quad line kites as well as inexpensive Dacron line used for single line kites and much more.

Spectra and Dyneema Kite Line

Spectra Line

Spectra and Dyneema are trade names for high performance polyethylene fiber. The low stretch, low weight and a great strength to diameter ratio of Dyneema and Spectra line make them ideal for use with dual and quad line kites.

We have ready-made Spectra and Dyneema line sets for dual and quad line kites that included winders. We also carry bulk Spectra spools in tests up to 600# and lengths to 1000′ for those who like to make their own line sets.

Braided Dacron Kite Line

Bulk Dacron Line

Braided Dacron line is the most popular line for use with single line kites. Dacron is a polyester line that is inexpensive, durable, lightweight and strong. Dacron is not ideal for dual or quad line kites because it has more stretch, is not as slippery, and heavy than Spectra or Dyneema lines.

We carry bulk Dacron spools from 50# to 850# test strengths and lengths to 1000′. We also have Dacron line on hoop winders from 50# to 320# test strengths and lengths to 500′.

Single Line Kite String Spools

Single Line Kite String Spool

Inexpensive twisted polyester kite sting on a spinner spool. Available in lengths of 500′ and in strengths of 30# and 50#.