Single Line Kites

Simple single line kites are what many of us flew as children. Today, with a few advancements in sail and frame material, these kites have more color, variation, durability, and fly better. Getting started with a single line kite is easy. You can simply put it in the sky and just watch it fly, or you can add line laundry and tails to put on a show. Fun for children and adults of all ages.

Box Kites

Box Kites

The are several different styles and sizes of box kites. The traditional box kite is a simple cellular kite and is a rock solid stable flyer that does best in moderate winds. While other cellular kites are constantly moving, tumbling, darting and dancing at the end of your line.

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Delta Kites

Delta Kite

Delta kites are designed to fly in a wide range of winds, but they excel at floating in the sky during those low wind days when other types of kites have no chance of getting air born.

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Delta Conyne Kites

Kite Flying Line

The Delta Conyne kite is a  hybrid mix between a delta and box kite. This design gives the delta conyne superior lifting power and very stable flight in a wide variety of wind conditions.

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Diamond Kites

Diamond Kite

Diamond kites are the most well-known of all kite shapes. They are gorgeous in the sky or as decoration. They are just the right size for children. Relive the magic of your childhood, or create new memories with your own children.

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Parafoil Kites | Kites for Kayaks

Parafoil Kite

Single line parafoil kites are some of our best sellers. They are easy to fly and great for children of all ages. These foils have no spars, which means there is nothing to break. Since they have no spars they are a cinch to pack up and take with you. Because of their remarkable stability and excellent pulling power, they are popular choices as kayak kites, used to pull kayaks through the water.

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Sled Kites

Sled Kite

The ram air design of a sled kite gives these kites tremendous lifting power, making them a favorite choice for carrying line laundry into the air.

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Kite Kits

Kite Kits

Kite kits are a great option if you want to build, decorate and fly your own kite. They are fun for birthday parties, scout groups, school classroom project, corporate team building projects and more. All the kite kits we carry are easy to put together and decorate.

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Rokkaku Kites

Rokkaku Kite

Rokkakus originated in Japan as fighter kites. Teams of people controlled a single kite with the object of knocking their opponents' kite out of the sky. Rokkaku battles are still held in many countries throughout the world. Our Roks don't need a team, they can be flown by a single person and fly well in many different wind conditions.

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Art & Animal Kites

Art and Animal Kites

Unique one-of-a-kind kites, that look good either in the sky or decorating a room. You'll find kites in all different shapes including animals, birds, people and many other wonderful designs.

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