You don’t need water to enjoy the sport of sailing.

With a Manta Landsailer you can sail on any large flat open surface and can reach speeds of 60+ mph, something no sailboat on the water can achieve.

Digital Wind Gauge

Skywatch Xplorer 1

Skywatch Xplorer 1

Skywatch's Xplorer 1 Wind Gauge, is designed to do one thing, measure wind speed.

Gift Guide

Great Gift Ideas

Christmas and Holiday Gift Guide

Find the perfect birthday or holiday gift for your 1 favorite kite flyer. Our gift guide has plenty of ideas organized by age group.

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Featured Kite

Prism Nexus

Prism Nexus

The Prism Nexus is among our best selling beginner level stunt kites. Tough, durable and fun to fly.

Learn to Fly a Kite

Kite Flying Guides

How to Fly a Kite

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How To Kiting Guides offer tips & tricks for flying your single-line, stunt, or power kite and guides for kite buggying, kite aerial photography, and more.