Windsock Poles

Windsock Poles

Windsock Poles

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Windsock Poles

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Windsock Pole Tip

Heavy Duty Windsock Poles

Tapered fiberglass windsock and flag poles are elegant and convenient. These telescoping poles feature increased wall thickness, reinforced ends and a swiveling attachment eye at the pole's tip to reduce tangles. Includes banner tie-off clip. Perfect for windsocks, wind wheels and other spinners. The Heavy duty pole is available in lengths from 13 to 32 feet.

Fiberglass and Steel Ground Mounts

Secure your windsock pole with these affordable Premier ground mounts.

  • 5/8″ x 36″ Fiberglass Ground Mount
    • Fits Flex 16′ and 19′ poles
    • Fits Heavy Duty 10′ and 13′ poles
  • 5/8″ x 34″ Steel Ground Mount
    • Fits Flex 19′ pole
    • Fits Heavy Duty 10′, 13′, 16′, 19′, and 22′ poles
    • Fits Extra Heavy Duty 13′ pole
  • 1″ x 36″ Steel Ground Mount
    • Fits Extra Heavy Duty 22′ pole
Ground Mounts

The Proper Care and Feeding of a Windsock Pole

Telescoping Fiberglass Windsock Pole

Collapsible, tapered telescoping fiberglass windsock poles don’t like to be strapped to anything. They can snap or be crushed too easily. Here are our tips:

Ground Mount

  1. Pound a 4’ piece of rebar about a foot into the ground. (The ground mounts we sell here are a higher grade of the same idea.)
  2. Slip a thin 3’ piece of pvc pipe over it to act as a cushion for the pole.
  3. Extend your pole, attach your windsock and slip it down over the rebar/pvc.

RV Ladder

For the RV ladder, a sleeve works better.

  1. Get a 3’ piece of bigger pvc pipe, with the inside diameter just larger than the base of the pole.
  2. Glue a cap on the bottom of the pvc and drill a hole in it for drainage.
  3. Strap the pvc to the ladder.
  4. Extend your windsock pole, attach your windsock and slip it into the pvc sleeve.

Outside Deck

Telescoping Fiberglass Windsock Pole

For the outside deck, I used a similar sleeve idea as the RV ladder:

  1. Strap a 3’ pvc sleeves to the vertical rail supports and paint them to match the deck stain (they disappeared).
  2. Angle the pvc out about 15 degrees so the windsock won’t wrap around the pole when the wind is slack.
  3. Extend your windsock pole, attach your windsock and slip it into the pvc sleeve.

With these tips it is easy to bring the stuff in when the weather turns bad or vacation-time. Convenience is key here. These are just windsocks. If it isn’t easy and convenient, they just hang out there until they rot.