Flying the Revolution

Written by Ron Reich

Introduction to Revolution Kites

The Revolution kite is one of the most versatile and controllable kites available. Consequently it is also one of the most challenging to master. As with any sports activity it is extremely important to have a firm understanding of the basics before progressing to the more advanced maneuvers.

Here is a poem that may help you to remember the basics as you practice:

The Revolution Solution

When we were all kids the kites were just fine.
We could get them all up by using one line.

One string got it up. Then two strings made it turn.
Four strings came along with a challenge to learn.

I pushed and I pulled till frustration set in.
So I put it away without even a grin.

The next time I tried, I still couldn’t get it.
I know it will fly... If only I let it.

The third time I tried, I let out a shout...
The kite’s in the air! Smartly turning about!

You’ll know when you reach it...
It comes the day that you teach it.

Most people feel dumb
till I teach them “the thumb”.

Both thumbs to the back and the kite rises fast.
Both thumbs at the kite will stop it in flight.

Left thumb to the back, Right thumb at the kite,
These are the things that make it spin right.

When the kite’s on the ground,
With the straight edge down,

Both thumbs at the kite with a slight little tug,
It gently lifts off like a winged little bug.

Mind over matter is all that it took,
And maybe some hints from this little book.

The Revolution Solution is waiting for you.
So quit looking around for something to do.

This description has been very brief, but don’t be alarmed. Each Revolution Kite comes with a detailed instructional video and pamphlet.

Basic Flying Tips

Learning how to fly the Rev takes a bit of practice for most folks. Get the hang of keeping tension on all 4 lines while flying. Learn to feel the kite.

Remember to keep your hands in front and tilt the handles forward or backward to turn the kite or to make it rise or descend. Instinct says to pull to turn, but that just pulls the kite out of the sky.

Make sure all the lines are straight and even in length. Some of us mark the lines or handles to help tell between left and right. This is important to know.

Fly in an open area away from people and obstructions. If you start to get frustrated, take a time out and return later.

Tending to Rev Lines

For many beginning Rev flyers, the act of winding four lines together results in a tangle of line and frustration. Rev's fly best on spectra lines. Knowing how to take care and wind them without problem keeps them working longer.

  1. Mark the lines. Often the sleeving will be black and white. Pair one of each for each side. Mark one of the white sleeves with a black mark. Connect each pair (left and right) before winding.
  2. Using the Rev winder, connect the ends to the winder and wrap in a figure-8 pattern.
  3. It is not a sin to wind one pair of lines and then the other. Just connect the end of the first pair to the second and keep winding.
  4. Reverse the lines from the kite end to the handle end occasionally to even out the wear. Swap the top and bottom lines for the same reason.