Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed

Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed in California

Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed, California

The Ivanpah dry lake bed is one of the premier kite buggy and landsailing spots in the country. Ivanpah is located near Primm, NV on the California side of the Nevada and California border about 40 miles outside of Las Vegas. It is situated just off Interstate 15 which connects Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Ivanpah is a restricted use site for wind powered craft only. The Bureau of Land Management requires a permit be issued for access to the lake bed. There are no fees to obtain a permit and one can be acquired by contacting the BLM by phone at 760-326-7000.

If the wind is good you can usually find us there on the weekends, please give us a call or drop us an email if you would like to experience landsailing or kite buggying on the lake so we can make all arrangements and issue a permit.


NABX - Formerly known as Spring Break Buggy Blast, the North American Buggy Expo is held annually at near the end of March or beginning of April. NABX is one of the oldest and most popular kite buggy events around. Buggiers from around the world gather here for a week of fun, riding and racing. For dates, more info, or to register for the event please visit the official site at nabx.net.

America's Cup - The premier landsailing racing event in the United States. Held annually in March, the America's Cup features a series of regattas for different types and classes of landsailers. For dates, more information, or to fill out an entry form please visit the North American Landsailing Association web site.

Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed in California

Roach and Ivanpah Dry Lake Beds

Driving Directions

Coming from Las Vegas head south on I-15 for approximately 40 miles. Exit at Primm (exit #1) and turn left at the bottom of the exit. Turn right at the light at Frontage Road and follow it around the outlet mall past the mini mart.

At the far corner, behind the outlet mall, there is an open gate and road leading out onto the lake bed. Turn right through the gate and follow the road. (Note: Do NOT drive out onto the lake bed - stay on the road).

To get to Roach dry lake turn left at the Frontage Road and follow it to the end of the pavement. Turn right and follow the gravel to the power lines. Turn left under the big tower and follow the tracks out onto the lake bed.