Kite Accessories

Customize your kites and equip yourself with high quality kite bags, books, magazines, videos, kite making and repair materials, lines, straps, handles, winders and all the gear!


Kite Books, Videos and Magazines

Get informed about the newest kite happenings with our large selection of magazines and books. Learn all the tricks with one our instructional videos and see the extreme side of kiting with our buggy and kite surfing videos.

Kite Flying Line

Kite Flying Line

High quality kite flying line including:

  • Spectra dual & quad line kite sets.
  • Bulk Spectra line and sleeving for making your own flying lines.
  • Dacron line for single line kites.

Kite Reels, Flight Straps, Handles & Winders

Kite Winders, Reels, Flight Straps and Handles

We have kite handles and flight straps to control your dual and quad line kites. Then pick up one of our winders or reels to to store your kite line and eliminate tangles.

Wind Gauges and Wind Meters

Wind Gauges, Anemometers and Meters

Handheld digital wind meters that fit in your pocket and are great wind speed measuring tools for those unsure days. We have the simple low tech models that measure only wind speed, to hi-tech weatherproof digital wind gauges that can track temperature, wind chill and more.

Kite Stakes

Kite Stakes

Kite stakes are one of the most useful tools for kite flying, making single person kite setup easy and preventing your kite from flying away in the wind.



Windsocks are useful as a wind direction indicator and for decoration. We have traditional windsocks, spinners and wind wheels that you can attach to a kite or a windsock pole.

Kite Tails, Line Laundry & Line Climbers

Kite Tails and Line Laundry

Add a tail or spinner to your kite to increase stability or fill the sky with color and motion. Line laundry attaches to your flying line to decorate the sky, while the line climbers will travel up and down your flying line adding excitement to flying single line kites.

Kite Repair Kit | Tear-Aid

Kite Repair Kit

The Kite Repair Kit from Prism has parts to fix most stunt kites. Carry with you in the field to repair minor damage to your kite. The kit includes sail repair tape, sleeving for broken lines, bridle line, wingtip nocks and much more.

Tear-Aid is the perfect material for repairing holes or tears in the sail of your kite. It is airtight, watertight and works with any color.