Ozone Octane Power Kite

Ozone Octane Power Kite

Ozone Octane

Ozone Octane Color Choices

Ozone Octane 2.0

Octane 2.0

Ozone Octane 3.0

Octane 3.0

Ozone Octane 5.0

Octane 5.0

Ozone Octane 6.0

Octane 6.0

Ozone Octane

Ozone Octane Power Ktes

It’s smooth flying characteristics and constant pull speeds your kiting progression with no compromise.

The Octane will keep your excitement and adrenaline pumping with its precise and always predictable handling.

Available in four sizes; 2, 3, 4 and 5 meters squared, the Octane covers a massive range enabling action in almost any conditions. All sizes are capable of meeting the demands and capturing the imagination of any kiter.

What's Included

The Ozone Octane comes ready to fly and includes:

  • Octane Power Kite
  • Ozone’s neoprene covered handles for supreme comfort, control and grip.
  • Kite killer wrist leashes
  • Kite stake
  • Flying lines made from the highest quality color-coded Dyneema.
  • Kite bag

Ozone Octane Video