Ozone Imp Quattro Power Kite

Ozone Imp Quattro Power Kite

Ozone Imp Quattro

Ozone Imp Quattro

Flying the Imp Quattro on the Beach

The Imp Quattro power kite from Ozone is an open cell foil kite designed with ease of use, enjoyment and quality in mind. It is a very stable kite with smooth and easy control characteristics, making it easy to fly, delivering performance and most of all it is lots of fun.

The Quattro is the perfect introduction to four line kite flying. It is designed for newcomers who demand more from their equipment and are looking for precision flying and maximum maneuverability. The four flying lines connect to handles which give you complete control of direction and speed.

The Imp Quattro is incredibly versatile and will give you hours of pleasure and with practice you will become an expert flyer quicker by choosing the Quattro. The Quattro is Ozone’s premier price point option for traction kiting, if you want to taste the Ozone design pedigree at incredible low price then look no further.

What's Included

The Ozone Imp Quattro comes ready to fly and includes:

  • Imp Quattro Power Kite
  • Ozone's 4-Line neoprene covered handles for supreme comfort, control and grip.
  • Kite killer wrist leashes
  • Flying lines made from the highest quality color-coded Dyneema.
  • Comprehensive user manual and Ozone sticker.
  • Stuff sack

Ozone Imp Quattro Specifications

ModelWind RangeWingspanCellsArea (M2)Skill Level
1.55 to 39 mph
9 to 63 kph
87″ / 2.21 m141.57Beginner to Advanced
2.05 to 39 mph
9 to 63 kph
98″ / 2.50 m142.0Beginner to Advanced
2.55 to 32 mph
9 to 52 kph
113″ / 2.87 m142.65Beginner to Advanced
3.55 to 25 mph
9 to 40 kph
129″ / 3.48 m143.48Beginner to Advanced
4.55 to 25 mph
9 to 40 kph
146″ / 3.72 m144.44Beginner to Advanced

Ozone Imp Quattro Videos

Kite Video - Imp Quattro

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