Prism Tensor Power Kite

Prism Tensor Power Kite

Prism Tensor

Prism Tensor Power Kite

The Prism Tensor is a beautifully-constructed and versatile power kite package designed for landbased kite traction sports and all-around fun. Engineered to be more than just another beginner trainer, the Tensor makes it simple and safe to get into power kiting with a dual-line control bar, safety leash and quick release, all set up and ready to fly.

Once you’ve learned the basics, Prism's innovative convertible bar system transforms into rugged quad-line handles for the extra control and maneuverability you need to take on traction sports like kite buggying, snow kiting and landboarding without spending another dime on your kite. Handles allow sensitive control to generate maximum power from the wind, and can be used with a line between the top ends for use with a harness. In either mode, the Tensor’s medium aspect wing is powerful but forgiving, with a smooth acceleration that doesn’t bite and superb edge handling.

Tensor Features

  • Dual-control bar converts to quad handles with no additional gear needed.
  • Power Trim adjustable bridle with three power settings for different winds.
  • Ready to fly with bar and safety systems pre-installed.
  • Paraglider quality construction and materials.
  • Forgiving edge handling and controllable acceleration for land-based fun and traction sports.
  • Rugged backpack converts to duffel bag for easy handling with room for accessories and kites.
  • Color-coded lines, easy setup, and comprehensive instruction manual for safety and ease of use.
  • Dyneema core bridle lines for optimum canopy shape under load.
  • Stitched bridle loops to reduce snagging.
  • Wingtip dirt-outs to clear sand from cells.

What's Included

The Tensor comes ready to fly and includes:

Prism Tensor Bag
  • Tensor power kite
  • Carry Bag
  • Pre-sleeved, precision stretched and measured Modulus Spectra flying lines, color coded
  • Convertible Dual/Quad aluminum bar with machined aircraft alloy joiner
  • 3 Kite Killers (preinstalled)
  • Emergency quick release
  • Ground stake with sheath
  • Instruction Manual

Prism Tensor Specifications

ModelWind RangeWingspanSail FabricCellsIncluded LineSkill Level
3.15+ mph
8+ kph
320 cm
Ripstop Nylon18500#/300# x 100′ x 4 SpectraBeginner to Advanced
4.25+ mph
8+ kph
350 cm
Ripstop Nylon18500#/300# x 100′ x 4 SpectraBeginner to Advanced
5.05+ mph
8+ kph
440 cm
Ripstop Nylon18500#/300# x 85′ x 4 SpectraBeginner to Advanced

Prism Tensor Video