Ozone Imp Parafoil Kite

Ozone Imp Parafoil Kite

Ozone Imp

Ozone Imp

Flying the Ozone Imp Kite

The Imp, now in it's third generation, is available in two sizes to offer beginners and recreational kite flyers more fun and choice with many improvements added.

An easy-to-use two-line parafoil kite aimed at entry-level or young kite flyers; the Imp is a perfect trainer kite. Designed to satisfy the growing number of people looking to try their hand at kiting without committing themselves too deeply to the sport.

The Imp has been built to the same exacting standards as Ozone's other range of technical power kites using the same materials and construction techniques. The Imp has incredible stability, direct handling and flies perfectly in light or strong winds with a wide wind window.

For experienced flyers, it's the perfect gift for friends and family. Watch them fall in love with kites whilst you keep on flying with your more technical kites.

Imp Stuff Sack

What's Included

The Ozone Imp comes ready to fly and includes:

  • Imp Parafoil Kite
  • Flight Straps.
  • Flying Lines
  • Manual
  • Ozone Sticker
  • Stuff Sack

Ozone Imp Specifications

ModelWind RangeWingspanSail AreaSail FabricBridle MaterialSkill Level
1.05 to 39 mph
9 to 63 kph
66.5″ / 169 cm.98 Square MetersRipstop PolyesterDyneemaBeginner to Advanced
1.55 to 32 mph
9 to 52 kph
76.5″ / 194 cm1.29 Square MetersRipstop PolyesterDyneemaBeginner to Advanced

Ozone Imp Video