Parafoil Kites

Dual Line Parafoil Kites

Dual Line Parafoil Kite

Dual line parafoil kites perform just like a two line stunt kite with one difference "The Pull". What to expect from a dual line parafoil? Well besides a whole lot of fun, you get a virtually unbreakable dual line power kite! If you like speed and the raw power of kites, two line foils might just be what you are looking for.

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Single Line Parafoils

Single Line Parafoil Kite

Single line parafoil kites are some of our best sellers. They are easy to fly and great for children of all ages. These foils have no spars, which means there is nothing to break. They are a cinch to pack up and take with you.

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Parafoil Kites for Kayaks

Parafoil Kite for Kayak

The ideal parafoil kite for kayaking with has plenty of power, pull and stability. The lighter the wind the larger the kite you need. The most popular kites used for kayaking include the Sutton Flow Form 8 and the Premier Parafoil 7.5.

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