Prism Quantum Pro Stunt Kite

It's more than the competition-level version of Prism's amazing Quantum design. The Prism Quantum Pro is the sport kite standard, pushing the edges of technology and design, optimized for ultimate performance and all the hottest new tricks.

Prism Quantum Pro Stunt Kite

Prism Quantum Pro

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Prism Quantum Pro Color Choices

Quantum Pro - Blue


Quantum Pro Purple


Quantum Pro - Red


Quantum Pro - Teal


Quantum Pro - Yellow


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Prism Quantum Pro

Prism Quantum Pro Stunt Kite

Tapered carbon frame and meticulously shaped polyester wing give this kite instant response and jaw-dropping precision as well as a stunning look. Truly a beautiful balance of form and function that has been the trademark of Prism products from the beginning.

The multi level "Yo-yo stopper" assembly adds an ease to its trick ability that makes roll-up maneuvers tight and clean. The optional Micro-adjustable Tuned Weighting system lets you dial the center of gravity forward or back for your trick style. As the wind increases, add more weight to reduce speed and pull. State-of-the-art technology for the serious enthusiast.

Optional Weight Kit

Prism Quantum Pro Weight Kit

For ultimate versatility, the Pro features an optional adjustable counterweight system that lets you set the kite’s balance point and wing loading for your flying style and wind conditions. Add bigger weights in stronger winds to make tricks easier and reduce pull. Move the ballast towards the tail for a trickier, radical style, or slide it close to the machined aluminum T fitting for a more forgiving feel with less speed and pull. Optional weight kit includes 10, 20, and 30 gram brass weights, stainless armature, and thumbscrew for easy adjustment.

Prism Quantum Pro Features

  • Locked-in precision and rail-straight tracking.
  • Yo-yo stopper equipped for the latest yo-yo moves.
  • Superb balance and control in all axis of flight.
  • Tough SkyShark frame.
  • Adjustable bridle settings for individual, pairs, or team flying.

What's Included

Prism Quantum Pro Package

The Prism Quantum Pro includes:

  • Quantum Pro stunt kite
  • Kite Bag
  • Instructions

Flying line and winder sold separately. 90# Spectra line set recommended.

Prism Quantum Pro Specifications

Wind Range
3 to 20 mph
5 to 32 kph
93″ / 236 cm
40½″ / 103 cm
10.8 oz / 306 g
Sail Fabric
Ripstop Polyester and Mylar Laminate
SkyShark 5PT and P200
Kite Speed
Skill Level
Intermediate to Advanced

Prism Quantum Pro Video

Prism Quantum Pro Photos

Prism Quantum Pro Spine Quantum Pro Kite by Prism Flying the Prism Quantum Pro Sport Kite