Low Wind Stunt Kites

Low wind and indoor sport kites have the most sophisticated designs in shape, materials, and performance. Many of these kites are designed to be flown in literally no wind. Just walking backward with an indoor kite in a still room creates enough non turbulent airflow to allow the kite to glide over and fly around you. Freed from the constraints of a single wind direction, indoor flying is a graceful, fluid dance in which kite and pilot are partners in a whole new repertoire of maneuvers. With an indoor or ultralight kite in your bag there is never too little wind to go fly a kite.

ITW Spectre

Into the Wind Spectre

The Spectre by Into the Wind Kites is a low wind kite that can do many advance tricks including pancakes, rollups, backspins and more.

ITW Swift

Into the Wind Swift

The Swift by Into the Wind Kites is a lightweight and exceptionally precise kite that cuts through the frustration of light wind days. Smooth handling lets beginners get in on the fun.

New Tech Kites Desire UL

New Tech Desire UL

From kite designer Dodd Gross and New Tech Kites, the Desire UL is a full size low wind kite at an affordable price. It features a .5oz ripstop polyester sail, lightweight carbon frame and quality APA connectors.

Prism Kites 4D

Prism 4D

The successor to the popular 3D, the 4D, from Prism Kites, with its 58″ wingspan can fly in the smallest spaces indoor and out. With its tough micro-carbon frame it can fly in more moderate winds up to 15 mph.

Prism Kites Zephyr

Prism Zephyr

Prism Kites top of the line Zephyr, while not a true ultralight, is a beautifully balanced kite that is designed for those lighter wind days. It is highly maneuverable in all attitudes, so you can pull off the most challenging moves with utter control.