Prism Quantum Stunt Kite

Once you pilot a serious high performance sport kite you’ll never look back. The Prism Quantum is dual-line excitement in a complete package engineered for success.

Prism Quantum Stunt Kite

Prism Quantum

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Prism Quantum Color Choices

Quantum - Citrus


Quantum - Fire


Quantum - Ice


Quantum - Spectrum


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Prism Quantum

Prism Quantum Stunt Kite

Everything you need to get hooked is included, from pure Spectra lines, flight straps and winder to easy instructions printed right on the bag (so you never have to admit you read them). Figure out the basics, and it won’t take long, then switch to the radical bridle setting so you can really spank it around in the sky.

And if the wind’s really honking, then you’ll be leaving little boot-heel tracks in the sand with the big pull of this great kite!

If you’ve flown before, you know that unplanned landings are a part of the game. High-end sail technology, Kevlar reinforcements, specially designed fittings, including a shock absorber on the spine, it’s all engineered to make that high-speed death dive into the sand a survivable event.

Rock steady tracking, solid pull, positive control feel, great colors, all thought out for you, and totally affordable. The Quantum: A leap into the Future!

Prism Quantum Features

  • Impressive pull in a wide wind range.
  • Tough carbon frame with Kevlar-reinforced nose.
  • Kinetic Dissipater system on spine absorbs unplanned landings.
  • Forgiving and radical bridle settings for all skill levels.
  • Easy instructions printed inside travel case.
  • Convertible case packs small for travel.

What's Included

Prism Quantum Package

The Prism Quantum comes ready to fly and includes:

  • Quantum stunt kite
  • 150# x 90′ x 2 Spectra line set
  • Winder
  • Flight straps
  • Deluxe travel case

Prism Quantum Specifications

Wind Range
3 to 25 mph
5 to 40 kph
87″ / 221 cm
40½″ / 103 cm
9.0 oz / 255 g
Sail Fabric
Ripstop Polyester and Mylar Laminate
Kite Speed
Moderate to Fast
Medium to Strong
Skill Level
Beginner to Advanced

Prism Quantum Video

Prism Quantum Photos

Prism Quantum Sport Kite Quantum Kite by Prism Flying the Prism Quantum Kite