Prism Hypnotist Stunt Kite

For anyone ready to do more with sport kites, the Prism Hypnotist is the perfect introduction to freestyle tricks.

Prism Hypnotist

Prism Hypnotist

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Prism Hypnotist Color Choices

Hypnotist - Citrus


Hypnotist - Fire


Hypnotist - Ice


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Prism Hypnotist

Prism Hypnotist Stunt Kite

The Hypnotist is the next step up from the Prism Quantum, it’s an incredibly precise freestyle kite and does all the latest moves with an easy forgiveness. Tough but light carbon frame with Kinetic Dissipater on the spine gracefully withstands unplanned landings. The kite comes complete with Prism's acclaimed Freestyle Pilot DVD, a proven course that will take you from basic landings to the most advanced acrobatics.

Prism Hypnotist Features

  • Impressive 8-foot wingspan.
  • Collapsible for travel.
  • Well balanced for all the latest tricks.
  • Integral spine shock absorber.
  • High performance carbon frame with SkyShark wrapped carbon spreaders.
  • Radical and forgiving bridle settings.

What's Included

Prism Hypnotist Package

The Prism Hypnotist comes ready to fly and includes:

  • Hypnotist stunt kite
  • High performance, low stretch Spectra line set
  • Winder
  • Flight straps
  • Prism Freestyle Pilot DVD
  • Deluxe travel case

Prism Hypnotist Specifications

Wind Range
3 to 25 mph
5 to 40 kph
96″ / 244 cm
12.9 oz / 365 g
Sail Fabric
Ripstop Polyester and Mylar Laminate
SkyShark P300 Wrapped Carbon and Avia Carbon
Kite Speed
Skill Level
Beginner to Advanced

Prism Hypnotist Video