Scuba Diver Parafoil Kite

Scuba Diver Parafoil Kite by Martin Lester

Scuba Diver

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Scuba Diver Kite

Scube Diver Kite by Martin Lester

Martin Lester’s Scuba Diver kite swims across the sky. Over 14′ long with fins, mask, wetsuit and air hoses. Hand-made by Martin in his workshop in Cornwall. Corey got two from Martin in Rochester: Black & Yellow and Blue & Florescent Yellow. Signed and numbered.


  • No spars to assemble, break, or lose.
  • Completely soft parafoil design is wind-inflated.

Swims well in winds 8 to 20 mph.

Flying line and winder sold separately. 170# Dacron line recommended.