New Tech Ladybug Parafoil Kite

New Tech Ladybug Parafoil Kite

Ladybug Parafoil

New Tech Bumblebee

The Ladybug parafoil is a Martin Lester creation for New Tech Kites similar to the Bumblebee Parafoil and features "crawling" legs when the kite is in flight. The Ladybug parafoil kite measures 32"x32" and flies well in winds from 6 to 18 mph.

What's Included

The Ladybug comes ready to fly and includes:

  • Ladybug Kite
  • Bag
  • Kite Tail
  • 50# Flying Line

New Tech Ladybug Specifications

Wind Range
6 to 18 mph
10 to 29 kph
32″ x 32″
81 x 81 cm
Sail Fabric
Ripstop Nylon
Skill Level
Beginner to Advanced