Jordan Airform Parafoil Kite

Jordan Air Form Parafoil Kite

Jordan Air Form

Jordan Airform

Jordan Airform Kite with attached 75 foot tail.

The Jordan Airform parafoil kite was designed by dean jordan who is considered one of the premier large foil designers. These stable kites are an impressive sight and are available in two sizes; 27sqft. and 50sqft. Both size kites come with a 75 foot long flowing tail. These foils are ideal kites for the recreational flier and the larger sizes are perfect for anyone wanting a kite with pull capable of flying and hanging line laundry.

Jordan Airform 27

This 27 square foot foil is the perfect size kite for anyone wanting a simple, well made, easy to fly single line foil. Beginners and experts alike will love this friendly kite.

Jordan Airform 50

The 50 square foot foil is the ideal moderate pull kite. This stable kite is a perfect all around foil for decorating the sky with line laundry.

Flying Line

Jordan Airform Parafoil Kites

The Airform does not come with flying line. We recommend 170# braided Dacron line for the Airform 27 and 220# braided Dacron line for the Airform 50. Our line choice includes a hoop winder.

What's Included

  • Jordan Airform kite
  • Compression storage bag
  • Air Form 27 include one matching 75′ tail
  • Air Form 50 includes two matching 75′ tails and sand anchor

Flying line and winder sold separately.

Jordan Airform Specifications

ModelWind RangeLengthWidthSail FabricBridleRecommended Flying LineSkill Level
Airform 274+ mph6′
4 ½′
Ripstop NylonSewn Spectra170# DacronBeginner to Advanced
Airform 504+ mph8′
Ripstop NylonSewn Spectra220# DacronIntermediate to Advanced