Albert Ross Parafoil Kite

Albert Ross Parafoil Kite by Martin Lester

Albert Ross

Albert Ross Kite

Martin Lester created the famous Martin's Legs kite and when they became successful he decided to create a full body parafoil kite. One way to satisfy the urge to fly is to create a human likeness that flies. That’s exactly what Martin Lester has done with his flying man: Albert Ross (albatross — get it?).


  • No spars to assemble, break, or lose.
  • Completely soft parafoil design is wind-inflated.
  • Slightly larger-than-life at 12′ long.
  • This Albert is wearing blue jeans and sports a Martin Lester logo t-shirt. The t-shirt makes this a unique one-of-a-kind Albert Ross.
  • Flown twice (by Martin) at Bristol and Rochester.

Albert enjoys flying in winds 8 to 20 mph and occasionally likes to scuba dive.

Flying line and winder sold separately. 170# Dacron line recommended.