New Tech Crayonfoil™ Parafoil Kite

New Tech Crayonfoil 5 Parafoil Kite

Crayonfoil Parafoil

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New Tech Crayonfoil 5

This brightly colored and easy to fly parafoil kite from New Tech has matching tails that let you color the sky. The Crayonfoil 5 kite has five colors (blue, green, yellow, orange and red) and has a 6 to 20 mph wind range.

What's Included

The Bumblebee comes ready to fly and includes:

  • Crayonfoil Kite
  • Bag
  • 50# Flying Line

New Tech Crayonfoil Specifications

Wind Range
6 to 20 mph
10 to 32 kph
24″ x 29″
60 x 73 cm
Sail Fabric
Ripstop Nylon
Skill Level
Beginner to Advanced