Revolution Supersonic Kite

Revolution Supersonic Kite

Rev Supersonic

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Rev Supersonic Color Choices

Rev Supersonic - Blue


Rev Supersonic - Gold


Rev Supersonic - Red


Revolution Supersonic

The Revolution Supersonic is the lighter and more forgiving of the “Speed Series” duo. The Supersonic is nevertheless on a par with the Revolution Shockwave in speed, agility, precision, and all-around outstanding performance. With a somewhat reduced pull and easier maneuverability, the Supersonic can readily contend with virtually all wind condition challenges. The Supersonic has been clocked at 70 mph, and flies as fast in reverse as the Revolution 1.5 SLE flies forwards.

The Speed Series sport wings from Revolution are unique kites in many ways. The newly shaped wingtips enhance reverse flight to an unprecedented level. The SLE shafts are complemented by the dual left and right supports resulting in a tight sail. The unique Mylar leading edge stripping helps create an airflow curve. The results are the fastest, most controllable quad line sport wings available.

What's Included

The Rev Supersonic includes:

  • Supersonic kite
  • Three FREE Replacements Spars
  • Bag
  • Stainless Steel Handles
  • Instructions
  • Video

The Rev Supersonic RTF (Ready to Fly) also Includes:

  • Spectra Line Set

Revolution Supersonic Specifications

Wind Range: Recreational Flying
4 to 20 mph
6 to 32 kph
91″ / 231 cm
22″ / 56 cm
10 oz / 283 g
3 Wrap Graphite
Skill Level
Intermediate to Advanced

Revolution Supersonic Video

Kite Video - Revolution Supersonic

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