Revolution Barresi Kite

Revolution Barresi Kite

Rev Barresi

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Rev Barresi SLE Color Choices

Rev Barresi - Red / White / Black

Red / White / Black

Rev Barresi - White / Lime / Black

White / Lime / Black

Rev Barresi - White / Light Blue / Dark Blue

White / Light Blue / Dark Blue

Rev Barresi - Black / Red

Black / Red

Rev Barresi - White / Purple

White / Purple

Rev Barresi - Blue / Grey

Blue / Grey

Revolution Barresi Signature Kite Series

Based on the original Rev 1.5 design, the John Barresi Signature Series is the ideal choice for any hard core precision or competition flier. After 16 years of competition and seven national quad line championships, John has utilized a number of modifications and features which make this a true high performance package.

Barresi Series Features

  • As the sail stretches over time, the grey panels will actually begin to channel wind vertically, increasing precision.
  • To keep you competitive, the B-Series comes with two frames. One 2-wrap (SUL) and one 3-wrap (UL), giving you the versatility of being able to switch your frames based on the current wind, and you can also slide your SUL leading edge rods in parallel with the UL leading edge when the wind is up, effectively doubling your leading edge strength
  • The B-Series handles are 13″ long, and come with a pre-tied adjustment knot system which enables you to increase or decrease the reverse control.
  • The B-Series also comes with a weight kit. Two 2 gram lead weights fit neatly into the end of your spars, and are secured with a short tail.

What's Included

The Revolution Barresi includes:

  • Barresi Signature Series Revolution kite
  • Stainless steel handles
  • 2-wrap 1/4″ UL spars
  • 3-wrap 1/4″ SUL spars
  • Weight kit
  • Kite bag
  • Flight manual
  • DVD training video

Flying lines sold separately

Revolution Barresi Specifications

Wind Range (Two Wrap Frame)
3 to 10 mph
5 to 16 kph
Wind Range (Three Wrap Frame)
4 to 16 mph
6 to 26 kph
91″ / 231 cm
33″ / 84 cm
10 oz / 283 g
Sail Fabric
Ripstop Polyester
2-wrap ¼″ (SUL)
3-wrap ¼″ (SUL)
Skill Level
Intermediate to Advanced

Revolution Barresi Video