Revolution 1.5 SLE Kite

Revolution 1.5 SLE Kite

Rev 1.5 SLE

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Rev 1.5 SLE Color Choices

Rev 1.5 SLE  - Purple / Gray

Purple / Gray

Rev 1.5 SLE Bright Blue / Black

Bright Blue / Black

Rev 1.5 SLE Gold / Red

Gold / Red

Rev 1.5 Sle Lime / Black

Lime / Black

Rev 1.5 SLE Red / White / Blue

Red / White / Blue

Rev 1.5 SLE Red / White / Black

Red / White / Black

Revolution 1.5 SLE

The Revolution 1.5 SLE continues to be dominant quad line sport kite on the market. If precision and accuracy are your game, then the Revolution 1.5 SLE design was built for you. The kite responds to your light, decisive commands and allows you speed control and precision flying to the highest degree creating a very responsive and rewarding flying experience.

Weighing 10 oz with a 92″ wingspan and a sail of ripstop polyester, the Rev 1.5 SLE is quicker and flies faster than the Revolution EXP with enhanced controllability. The Rev 1.5 has a great sail area-to-weight ratio that gives the pilot the freedom to fly in a wide range of wind conditions. The combination of speed and control make this model a very responsive and precise flying machine. The 1.5 SLE boasts an amazingly crisp dive stop maneuver which will impress the crowds you attract.

What's Included

The Revolution 1.5 SLE includes:

  • 1.5 SLE kite
  • Bag
  • Stainless Steel Handles
  • Instructions
  • Video

The Ready to Fly (RTF) Revolution 1.5 SLE also includes:

  • 90# x 85′ x 4 Spectra line set.

Revolution 1.5 SLE Specifications

Wind Range
4 to 25 mph
6 to 40 kph
91″ / 231 cm
31″ / 78 cm
10 oz / 283 g
Sail Fabric
Ripstop Polyester
Advantage Graphite
Skill Level
Beginner to Advanced

Revolution 1.5 SLE Video