Revolution Indoor Kite

Revolution Indoor Kite

Rev Indoor

Revolution Indoor

Talk about a “Revolution” in lightness and versatility - Revolution has combined and coordinated materials and design to accomplish high performance in conditions of no wind. All components have been specially engineered to accomplish this unique flying mission.

Indoor beginners are experiencing quick success with the 0.6 ounce polyester, bridleless sail framed with Rev's special .20 Advantage graphite spars, and custom fittings. The signature Indoor Rev handles have been designed with function, sensitivity, and performance in mind. At a length of 14″ and a weight of only 1.85 ounces per handle, the ultra light graphite handles allow extreme pitch control and touch sensitivity. With a clean knot system for line attachment, the soft feel and look command finesse - a rule of indoor flying.

America's Got Talent

17 year old Connor Doran flew an all white Revolution Indoor kite during the 2010 season of America's Got Talent.

What's Included

The Rev Indoor includes:

  • Rev Indoor kite
  • Bag
  • Handles
  • Instructions

The Rev Indoor RTF (Ready to Fly) also includes:

  • 85# x 15′ x 4 Spectra line set.

Revolution Indoor Specifications

Wind Range
0 to 2 mph
0 to 3 kph
95″ / 241 cm
33″ / 84 cm
4.5 oz / 128 g
.20 Advantage Graphite
Skill Level
Intermediate to Advanced

Revolution Indoor Video