HQ Beamer IV Power Kite

HQ Beamer IV Power Kite

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The Beamer IV has been discontinued and is no longer available.

HQ Beamer IV

Kite Buggying with a Beamer IV Kite

The 4th generation of the Beamer power kite comes with even more power and performance. Characteristics you expect from an "all rounder". Improved acceleration and control over the brakes makes this kite the ultimate choice among All-round Power Foils

The new Beamer V is available, so we are clearing out our inventory of the Beamer IV. Save 15% on a Beamer IV.


Beamer IV Backpack
  • Improved acceleration and control over the brakes
  • More power for advanced pilots
  • Stable and balanced flying performance
  • Easy control - perfect for beginner and advanced flyers into the power sport
  • Dirt-outs to clean the tips
  • Colored bridle lines are stitched to reduce drag
  • Cool new graphics

What's Included

  • Beamer IV power kite
  • Colored Dyneema line set
  • Colored HQ Quad Handles XL with kite killer and ground stake loop
  • Ground stake for securing kite on ground
  • “Big Zipper” backpack
  • Instruction manual

HQ Beamer IV Specifications

ModelWind RangeWingspanHeightCellsSkill Level
1.46 to 38 mph
10 to 61 kph
218 cm
78 cm
14Beginner to Advanced
2.06 to 38 mph
10 to 61 kph
264 cm
91 cm
14Beginner to Advanced
3.04 to 31 mph
6 to 49 kph
324 cm
112 cm
16Beginner to Advanced
4.04 to 27 mph
6 to 44 kph
374 cm
129 cm
16Beginner to Advanced
5.04 to 24 mph
6 to 38 kph
418 cm
145 cm
16Beginner to Advanced

HQ Beamer IV Photos

Beamer IV on the Beach Group of four Beamer 4 Kites Kite Buggy riding with a Beamer IV

HQ Beamer IV Video