Prism Vector

Prism Vector Stunt Kite

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The Prism Vector has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Prism Vector

Simple, easy to fly, and unbreakable, Prism's beginner sport kite the Vector, goes up in the lightest winds yet withstands the abuse you'll give it as you learn. A wing design derived from the Vapor and Illusion gives it great maneuverability yet forgiving handling in winds from 2 to 15 mph. The Prism Vector's solid Micro-carbon frame is designed so that no bridle adjustment is needed through its entire wind range. A field-ready sport-grade line set is included with handles that allow adjustable line length for different winds.

Recommended flying lines: 50′ to 80′ x 50# Spectra line.

Prism Vector Features

  • Unbreakable carbon frame
  • No adjustment needed for all winds within wind range
  • Flies easily even in light winds

Prism Vector Specifications

Wind Range
2 to 15 mph
54.5″ / 138 cm
3.36 oz / 95.5 g
Sail Area
4.26 sq. ft.
.40 sq. m.
Wing Loading
.79 oz. / sq. ft.
Sail Fabric
.6 oz. Ripstop Polyester and Mylar Laminates
Avia .025″ Micro Carbon
Skill Level
Beginner to Advanced