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The Prism Vapor has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Prism Vapor

Prism Vapor Kite

The Prism Vapor is one of the most exotic and specialized sport kites you can buy. Its extreme lightweight design is for the growing number of serious pilots whose imaginations have been captured by the lyrical dance of indoor kite flying.

Indoor performance is exceptional, with quick, easy turning and a perfect balance for floats, multiple axels, and flat spins. It also has a beautiful glide that allows outrageous throw and catch maneuvers on short lines.

Flying the Prism Vapor

With short lines and a windless indoor space the size of a basketball court, just the motion of slowly walking backwards creates enough "wind" over the sail to fly this incredible machine In a full hemisphere over and around you. As a whole new repertoire of slack-line maneuvers becomes possible, we see more and more festivals and competitions around the world organized specifically for indoor flying.

Flying the Prism Vapor

The Vapor is meticulously constructed in limited numbers from ultra-lightweight film laminates, monofilm, and .6 oz. polyester. The sail materials are chosen to reinforce and control sail shape with the least possible weight. The Vapor is framed with G-Force "Skinnies," ultralight hand-made graphite tubes that weigh just 7 1/2 grams each. These spars can be flown outdoors in winds up to 5 mph, but be warned that this is a kite designed primarily for indoor flying. Rocks, branches, and kite eating dogs will not be kind to your investment!

Flying the Vapor in Seattle

Simply put, the Vapor's performance is phenomenal. Perfectly balanced floats, glides, flat spins and axels happen as if the kite is reading your mind. Upside down, it will sit in a fade seemingly forever. Prism has tweaked the upper spreader position slightly to allow more nose-away control, and they have equipped it with the new miniature version of their famous APA leading edge connector fitting, designed specially for indoor kite flying.

Prism Vapor Features

Vapor Tip Stand
  • Incredible response for advanced pilots only!
  • Extreme precision and fingertip control in 0-5 mph.
  • Ultra-minimalist polyester and monofilm sail.
  • Tapered graphite G-Force Skinny frame.

Prism Vapor Specifications

Wind Range
0 to 5 mph
0 to 8 kph
80″ / 203 cm
48″ / 122 cm
5.4 oz / 153 g
Sail Fabric
Ripstop Polyester and Mylar Laminate
Avia G-Force Skinny
Kite Speed
Skill Level

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