Prism Eclipse

Prism Eclipse Stunt Kite

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The Prism Eclipse has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Prism Eclipse

The Eclipse's incredible balance and agility has made it a familiar friend in our kite bag. Our joy in flying the Eclipse has never stopped. And Prism has never stopped making it a better kite. Four years of constant improvements make this Eclipse one of Prism's greatest design achievements to date.

For the expert, it's capable of the most advanced tricks being done anywhere, including stalls, axels, backflips, Lazy Susans, cartwheels, and tricks so new they haven't even named them yet. For the novice or intermediate flier who won't compromise, it's rugged, stable, precise, and beautifully balanced - a stunt kite you 'll never outgrow Flex-in battens and our new clip-mount standoff fittings offer snag-free performance.

Recommended flying lines: 65′ to 90′ x 80# to 150# Spectra line.

Super Ultralight Eclipse

Light wind guru Tom Ettel claims that no matter what Prism invents next, the SUL will always be his favorite kite. His inimitable light wind style helped to make the SUL the kite of choice for Seattle's gentle breezes. It's quick, agile, and perfectly balanced for stalls, axels, and slack-line maneuvers. Though the SUL has the same low wind rating as the Total Eclipse, it is slightly more maneuverable in the lightest winds because of its smaller size.

Recommended flying lines: 50′ to 80′ x 50# to 80# Spectra line.

Vented Eclipse

Going flying when it's nukin? Originally designed for Prism's sponsored fliers, the Vented Eclipse has a reduced pull and stalls easily in moderate to very strong winds while retaining all the capabilities of the standard Eclipse. A beefy carbon frame means that you can play near the ground with confidence. Don't let high wind shut you down!

Recommended flying lines: 80′ to 100′ x 150# Spectra line.

Prism Eclipse Features

  • Silky smooth, silent flight
  • Excellent tracking
  • Radical groundwork
  • Stable, controllable stalls and floats
  • Effortless Axels
  • Fully recoverable backflip
  • All-carbon Avia Sport frame.

Prism Eclipse Specifications

ModelWind RangeWingspanWeightSail AreaWing LoadingAspect RatioFrameSail
Eclipse4 – 25 mph90″
229 cm
9.3 oz. / 264 g.8.9 sq. ft. / .827 sq. m.1.04 oz. / sq. ft.6.3.2200 Carbon.6 oz. polyester
S.U.L.2 – 12 mph90″
229 cm
7 oz. / 198 g.8.9 sq. ft. / .827 sq. m..79 oz. / sq. ft.6.3G-Force UL.6 oz. polyester
Vented10 – 30 mph90″
229 cm
11.8 oz. / 335 g.8.9 sq. ft. / .827 sq. m.1.33 oz. / sq. ft.6.3.2650 Carbon.75 oz. polyester