Prism Total Eclipse

Prism Total Eclipse Stunt Kite

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The Prism Total Eclipse has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Prism Total Eclipse

For sheer visual impact, the Prism Total Eclipse is hard to beat. This stunt kite has nine-foot wingspan, shimmering polyester sail, and dramatic graphics make the Total a show-stopper in the sky. Size and presence, however, are just the beginning.

The Total Eclipse is a ballet kite that was designed with the competition circuit in mind. Its G-force tapered graphite frame and Eclipse design heritage make the Total's response to your control inputs immediate and satisfying. This remarkable agility is rare in a larger kite. Perfect balance and great trick abilities allow you an exceptionally large freestyle repertoire while crisp corners and great tracking let you shine in precision maneuvers. On the competition field the Total 's moderate speed makes it ideal for team or pairs flying, and lets everything happen at a rate that bystanders (and judges!) can understand.

Recommended flying lines: 80′ to 125′ x 80# to 150# Spectra line.

Prism Total Eclipse Features

  • Superb handling and presence for pairs or team flying
  • Impeccable detailing and workmanship
  • Avia Sport G-Force tapered graphite frame for perfect balance and responsive handling
  • Striking Graphics
  • 9-foot wingspan
  • Hand signed and numbered

Prism Eclipse Specifications

Wind Range
2 to 25 mph
108″ / 274 cm
12.4 oz / 352 g
Sail Area
12.34 sq. ft.
1.146 sq. m.
Wing Loading
1.00 oz. / sq. ft.
Aspect Ratio
Sail Fabric
.6 oz. Ripstop Polyester
G-Force STD
Kite Speed
Skill Level
Intermediate to Advanced