New Tech Starflake Kite

New Tech Starflake Kite

Starflake Kite

New Tech Starflake

The crystalline Starflake cellular kite designed by Kathy Goodwind for New Tech, when given line slack, tumbles and dives in long, controlled sweeps. Its multiple airflow cells are large enough to promote great lift while reducing drag at higher wind speeds. The Starflake is a single line kite that is a stable, high-angle flier that climbs quickly even in gentle breezes. Measures 69″ W x 69″ H and flies in winds from 8 to 18 mph.

What's Included

The Starflake kite includes:

  • Starflake Kite

Flying line and winder sold separately. 80# braided Dacron line recommended.

New Tech Starflake Specifications

Wind Range
8 to 18 mph
13 to 29 kph
69″ x 69″
175 x 175 cm
Sail Fabric
Ripstop Nylon
Skill Level
Beginner to Advanced