New Tech Sojourn Kite

New Tech Sojourn Kite

Sojourn Kite

New Tech Sojourn

Flying the New Tech Sojourn Box Kite

This unique cellular kite design from Robert Brasington for New Tech Kites will amaze even experienced kite flyers. The colorful pattern, "cathedral" design and custom tail demand an audience. Measures 47″ W. x 53″ H. x 16″ D. with a 28′ tail. Flies in winds from 7 to 20 mph.

What's Included

The Sojourn kite includes:

  • Sojourn Kite

Flying line and winder sold separately. 80# braided Dacron line recommended.

New Tech Sojourn Specifications

Wind Range
7 to 20 mph
11 to 32 kph
47″ W x 53″ H x 16″ D
134 x 120 x 41 cm
Sail Fabric
Ripstop Nylon
Skill Level
Beginner to Advanced