Flexifoil Big Buzz Kite

Flexifoil Big Buzz Parafoil Kite

Flexifoil Big Buzz

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Flexifoil Big Buzz

The Big Buzz parafoil kites that we have in stock are demo kites that were used during NABX (North American Buggy eXpo), we are offering these kites at 30% off their normal price. Limited quantities. Price good while supply lasts.

The Big Buzz is a 2-line parafoil kite from Flexifoil. It is the bigger brother of the Flexifoil Buzz, offering a larger surface area, greater wing span and more power, it’s the ideal parafoil kite for bigger kids or adults to begin to enjoy power kiting and start to experience the powerful force of Mother Nature.

Despite being larger and more powerful than its little brother the Buzz, the Big Buzz is still a great family kite and ideal for beginners. The 2-line control system keeps the Big Buzz simple and intuitive to control, whilst allowing it to be set up quickly and easily.

The Big Buzz offers you a tantalizing taste of the power of the wind and in stronger conditions you’ll really start to feel what Mother Nature is capable of. Whilst this kite isn’t suited for traction or water kiting, there are still hours of fun to be hand with the Big Buzz for beginners and advanced kite flyers alike.

What's Included

  • Big Buzz parafoil kite
  • Line set
  • Winder
  • Flight straps
  • Kite bag

Big Buzz Specifications

Wind Range
5 to 30 mph
8 to 48 kph
Sail Area
1.6 m2
Sail Fabric
SORA Ripstop Polyester
Skill Level
Beginner to Advanced

Flexifoil Big Buzz Video