Prism Spark

Prism Spark Stunt Kite

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The Prism Spark has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Prism Spark

If you're new to sport kiting and your budget is tight, the Spark from Prism Kites is the way to fly. It's an elegant, rugged 5-footer that flies better than anything in its class and it has a stable, friendly personality that's ideal for learning. As you progress, you'll find it's eager to show you the more advanced maneuvers as well. Landings, stalls, axels, and even backflips are easy with the Spark, and you'll be thrilled to find that the A-2O fiberglass frame can really take the abuse you'll dish out as you learn. Pull is light and speed is moderate, so you don't need to be intimidated by flying in big wind.

The Spark comes as a complete package for one reason: to get you up and flying successfully from your first time out. The field ready line set comes pre-measured and ready to go with a pair of flight straps and a Laser-Pro™ winder. Prism's professional 30 minute instructional video The Way To Fly will take you from the basics up through intermediate level maneuvers.

Prism Spark Features

  • Easy to assemble
  • Rugged A-20 fiberglass frame
  • Capable of all advanced tricks
  • Incredibly stable and precise
  • An ideal introduction to sport kiting

Prism Spark Specifications

Wind Range
5 to 25 mph
60″ / 153 cm
7.3 oz / 207 g
Sail Area
5.67 sq. ft.
.527 sq. m.
Wing Loading
1.28 oz. / sq. ft.
Aspect Ratio
Recommended Line
60-80′ x 80#
Sail Fabric
.6 oz. Ripstop Polyester
A-20 Fiberglass
Kite Speed
Skill Level
Beginner to Advanced