Prism E2 Stunt Kite

Prism E2 Stunt Kite

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The Prism E2 has been discontinued and is no longer available. It has been replaced by the Prism E3 stunt kite.

Prism E2 Color Choices

E2 - Fire


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Prism E2

It’s said that there are two kinds of pilots: those who have caught the freestyle bug, and those who are about to. Problem is, learning by trial and error is exhausting. So, how do you take the next steps once you’ve got the basics? Without the right instruction and the right equipment it can take a long time to figure out.

Prism E2 Stunt Kite on the Water

The Prism E2 is the complete package that will get you to the next level and get you there fast. The E2 delivers forgiving handling, easy but graceful tricks from any position, and a hand-wrapped carbon frame for the response and wind range of a top-end competition kite. For top-notch instruction the new DVD, Freestyle Pilot, is quite simply the most complete guide to trick flying ever produced, and it comes with every kite.

The idea was to give you everything you need. So Prism also included a competition grade 100% Spectra line set, a polycarbonate winder and their new double-action Duos flight straps, all packaged in a gorgeous carrying sleeve. When you head for the field, bring the handy trick reference guide so you can remember what you learned from the DVD.

Prism E2 Features

Prism E2 Sport Ktie Details
  • Prism's best design for learning freestyle tricks.
  • Resilient, high performance wrapped carbon frame.
  • Smooth, straight tracking and responsive.
  • Collapsible leading edges for travel.
  • Kevlar reinforced nose.
  • Adjustable stand-offs for wind and flying style.
  • Reinforced trailing edge for smooth, silent flight.
  • Wingtip battens for extra stability in stalls and landings.

What's Included

The Prism E2 comes ready to fly and includes:

Prism E2 Specifications

Wind Range
3 to 25 mph
5 to 40 kph
91″ / 231 cm
40″ / 103 cm
10.2 oz / 289 g
Sail Fabric
Ripstop Polyester and Mylar Laminate
Wrapped Carbon
Kite Speed
Moderate to Fast
Skill Level
Intermediate to Advanced

Prism E2 Video

Prism E2 Photos

Prism E2 Performing a Tip Stab Prism E2 in a Fade Prism E2 taking off from the Water Flying the Prism E2 Sport Kite