Prism Alien

Prism Alien Stunt Kite

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The Prism Alien has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Prism Alien

Prism Alien Freestyle Trick Kite

If, like us, you've come to enjoy flying in light winds the most, the Alien stunt kite from Prism Kites will bring back that urge to drop everything and head for the field when the trees start to sway.

A moderate to high-wind trick kite for all-out freestyle fun. Strange looking? Absolutely. Lots of fun? You bet. Just yank a line and it will trick like crazy and recover from almost anything. As one test pilot put it, "If you can start a lawnmower, you can double-axel this kite."

Its innovative wing shape combines the trick abilities of a high aspect wing with the stability of a lower aspect design, giving you a stable, predictable feel with outrageous acrobatic capabilities and radically quick turns. An angled, heat-treated aluminum fitting inside the leading edge reduces load on the wing spars in abusive groundwork and radical maneuvers. In strong winds, adjustable standoffs let you dial speed and pull so you can fly all day and a removable trick line from wingtip to wingtip keeps you snag-free during your wildest acrobatics. The Alien’s unusual angled leading edge makes the carbon frame stronger by keeping the individual spars straight even though the wing is cambered. The straight leading edges can handle much higher loads before breaking, and this feature plus strategically placed solid carbon reinforcements makes the kite bulletproof for big winds and extreme conditions.

Alien Kite by Prism

So when your Illusion starts to pull too hard and you're worried about those fancy sticks, loosen your tie, pull out your Alien, and rediscover the fun of flying in real wind. Its aggressive look will turn more than a few heads as you really start to jam.

Prism Alien Features

  • Innovative jointed leading edge and internal frame reinforcements to withstand serious abuse in extreme conditions.
  • High aspect geometry makes radical yo-yo tricks easy.
  • Wingtip bowline eliminates wingtip snags during high-speed trick combinations.
  • Light pull even in extreme winds lets you fly for hours without getting tired.
  • Perfect for big-wind days when your other kites are either pulling too hard or exploding in midair.

Prism Alien Specifications

Wind Range
7 to 30 mph
11 to 48 kph
73.5″ / 189 cm
32.5″ / 80 cm
7.8 oz / 221 g
Sail Fabric
Ripstop Polyester and Mylar Laminate
.196 Carbon
Kite Speed
Skill Level
Intermediate to Advanced