Tribal Shield Kite

Premier Tribal Shield Kite by Carsten Domann

Premier Tribal Shield Kite

Premier Tribal Shield Kite

Carsten Domann designed both the kite and the graphics for this beautiful flying work of art. The white background of the sail really makes the intricate tattoo art “pop” in the sky. A simple Rokkaku style strutting makes this kite a snap to assemble and fly.

The Buka-Dako-Echse kite includes a nylon carry case. Flying line and winder sold separately. #170 braided Dacron line recommended.

Other kites by Carsten Domann: Totem Gecko and Buka Dako Echse.

Tribal Shield Specifications

Wind Range
10 to 20 mph
8 to 29 kph
152 cm
251 cm
Sail Fabric
Ripstop Nylon
Wrapped Carbon and Fiberglass
Skill Level
Beginner to Advanced