Ozone Line Sets

Ozone  Line Sets

Ozone Line Sets

Ozone Dyneema Quad Line Sets

Woven with a tight, square braid and treated with a special heating process, Ozone line is highly resistant to abrasion, water absorption and stretching. Stretch resistance increases the performance and direct handling of the kite's power and is a crucial consideration when choosing your lines. Colored line makes it easier to see the line in the air. Designed for use with four line power kites.

Available Sizes:

  • 400/250# x 65' x 4 (180/110kg x 20m x 4)
  • 400/250# x 80' x 4 (180/110kg x 25m x 4)
  • 400/250# x 100' x 4 (180/110kg x 30m x 4)