HQ Bebop Stunt Kite

HQ Bebop Stunt Kite

HQ Bebop


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    HQ Bebop Color Choices

    Bebop - Crazy Colors

    Crazy Colors

    Bebop - Dream


    Bebop - Fire


    Bebop - Flash


    Bebop - Prisma


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    HQ Bebop

    The HQ Bebop is an easy to fly stunt kite designed for flyers 8 years and older. The Bebop is framed with 4mm fiberglass and a strong ripstop nylon sail, and durable enough to withstand crashes with ease!

    The Bebop uses a 4-point sliding bridle that ensures the kite performs well, even in higher winds. With easy control in a wide wind window and no over steer, the Bebop is a good choice for beginner flyers.

    What's Included

    HQ Bebop Carry Case
    • Bebop stunt kite
    • 50# x 66' x 2 line set
    • winder
    • flight straps
    • kite bag
    • SVCD video

    HQ Bebop Specifications

    Wind Range
    9 to 24 mph
    14 to 38 kph
    57″ / 145 cm
    27″ / 69 cm
    Sail Fabric
    Ripstop Nylon
    4 mm Fiberglass
    Sliding 4 point
    Skill Level
    Beginner to Advanced

    HQ Bebop Video