Bigfoot Kite Buggy

Peter Lynn Bigfoot Kite Buggy

Peter Lynn Bigfoot Kite Buggy

Peter Lynn Bigfoot Kite Buggy

The impressive Bigfoot kite buggy from Peter Lynn drastically changed the out-come of races that were held on soft-sand beaches. Kite buggying not only became possible on soft sand; this creature does not stop for anything! Rolling over Dunes, tricks like wheelie's, side reverses, 360's, aquaplaning, everything is pure fun with the Bigfoot buggy. No speed is lost on harder beaches and its upwind performance is incredible; a tough kite buggy to beat on the racing course.

Bigfoot Kite Buggy Features

  • Extra large forward wheel base to ensure maximum stability while riding a high speeds.
  • Extra wide back axle to minimize sideways flips out of the buggy.
  • Double crown front fork for added strength and durability.
  • 20 mm rear sealed cartridge style bearings, for an extra smooth ride and durability.
  • Specially curved side frames to ensure good side body grip.

Bigfoot Kite Buggy Specifications

Frame Material
Stainless Steel
Luxury padded reinforced seat
Total Weight
64 Pounds
29 kg
Rear Axel Width
120 cm
Wheel Base
54″ – 57″
136 – 144 cm
21 / 12 - 8″

Bigfoot Kite Buggy Video